Prime real estate

Widdit Lock Screen delivers engaging notifications to the first screen users see every time they look at their phone. Through this prime location, your audience can keep touch with everything you have to say, news and ads.
Get reports

Login to Widdit Lock Screen's powerful admin to get real time performance and revenue reports, and learn more about how your users interact with their lock screen.
Cross promote your apps

Help your users discover some of the other awesome apps you've created by displaying them through Widdit Lock Screen, through an easy to manage interface in your admin.
Say something to your users before they leave

An interesting new app or a cool interstitial – you get a chance to show users a last message before they go use a different application.
Seamless experience

Ads are shown one step before leaving your app, keeping a slick flow that users will appreciate.
We deliver, you design

That's what you've been waiting for. Get access to our optimize ads serving system, and deliver them to your users using a designed experience that matches the spirit of your game or app.
Easy integration

Ads that look better – perform better. All you have to do is set the design parameters you need, and we'll build the ad for you, in your own unique format.
Show appreciation

Thank your users for trying your app by sending them a beautifully designed thank you email at the exact moment of installation.
Maximize revenues

The thank you email contains relevant app recommendations- When users try them, you get paid. It’s like your users way of thanking you for your efforts.
Get feedbacks

Make it easier for your users to reach out to you with comments and ideas. User feedbacks are your ultimate tool for making your app better.