Home Tab

A smart connection between your
browser &  Android device.

HomeTab unifies the Homepage with the new Tab,
by creating a personalized browsing experience.


How does it work?
Innovative yet Intuitive
Internet Gateway
Mobile Notifications
Smart Suggestions
Intelligent Predictions
Never Leaves You Behind
HomeTab is a small browser extension that enhances the "New Tab" screen with a richer, more engaging browsing experience. Once connected with the "Connect" Android app, HomeTab creates a connection between the PC and the Android operated device to deliver notifications in real time. HomeTab absorbs its power from the browser and mobile search history alongside other user behaviors and preferences.
HomeTab holds awesome abilities that will turn browsing into a new and much better personalized experience. Although innovative, HomeTab keeps a very familiar tone- the same slick "New Tab" design, but with much needed upgrades and improvements.
HomeTab is there to welcome you whenever you start your browser or open a new tab. It provides an informative gateway that helps you find what you were looking for, before you were even looking for it!
HomeTab enables full connectivity between the web and the mobile ecosystems. With HomeTab, you can see all the different notifications sent to your mobile phone presented on your web browser in real time.
HomeTab connects the online environment with the offline world. HomeTab utilizes the mobile phone features to bring an innovative experience like no other. HomeTab notices when you're visiting a new place, and shares insights about the must-see venues, top rated restaurants, local weather forecast and more. It even presents images and detailed directions- everything that will help a tourist get oriented. Location is not the only source of information for HomeTab- if you communicate with friends discussing a movie premiering tonight, HomeTab will magically bring you the exact show times, nearby theaters, and ticket prices. It will even notify other friends about tonight's plans over any social network.
HomeTab gets smarter and smarter overtime. As HomeTab get familiar with you and evolves, you will enjoy a more personalized experience. HomeTab will notify you about the traffic state when it's time to leave work, and even provide an accurate ETA. It will remind you to buy a present for that upcoming birthday party, or pick up the dry cleaning. HomeTab examines businesses that you've contacted recently, and will provide the 411 about opening hours, precise venue location and many other user-based recommendations.
Alongside its innovative welcome screen, HomeTab's features are available throughout the entire browsing session via HomeBar. HomeBar is a smart tool that accompanies the users on their navigation across the web, presenting notifications and other insights everywhere, anytime. HomeBar can be fully customized, to add engaging value for developers brand needs.
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How do I make money using HomeTab?

Alongside offering awesome features and value for users, HomeTab is a great tool for creating an extra revenue stream to your business.
HomeTab can be added to any other business model you currently hold, and add extra value for your products.

Lucrative Solution

Lucrative Solution

Because HomeTab offers a second to none personalized browsing experience, it can deliver smart, tailor made suggestions to every user individually. This allows us to deliver offers with a much higher value to users, which means we can offer you much more money!
Smart Analytics System

Smart Analytics System

HomeTab is fully transparent. You can track your soaring revenue from a robust, fully comprehensive analytics system that delivers all the insights you need. See exactly how much money you make with HomeTab anytime, anywhere.
Get Paid

Get Paid

When you choose to affiliate with HomeTab, you get paid for every active user that installs HomeTab! Enjoy our awesome and improved rates applied for every download worldwide. The more users installing HomeTab, the more money you make!
Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We offer two convenient payment methods- via PayPal or a global wire transfer. For any other payment method, please don't hesitate to contact us!
You can always track your revenues from the designated Admin platform anytime.

Stay on top of your browser anytime, anywhere.

HomeBar is a great solution for developers to increase their engagement level and produce a new revenue stream. HomeBar Interacts with HomeTab, and includes all of its features alongside other brand-motivated advantages. HomeBar offers a fully customizable environment, and a 100% transparent analytics system